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    Eva Health Tablets - 100% Herbal ,Yunani Remedy for prolonged menstruation,leucorrhoea,pelvic pain and weakness,Calcium Deficiency. Helps in irregular and prolonged menstruation. . Beneficial in curing leucorrhoea or white vaginal Discharge and all type of vaginal infections. This helps to makes the uterus & vagina healthy. Helps to removes bad odour. Helps to stimulates the hormone. Beneficial in curing pelvic pain and weakness. Useful in Calcium Deficiency. 100% Ayurvedic, natural and safe product. No harsh Chemical. No side effect. EVA Health Tablets is an effective medicine. This white vaginal discharge destroys the natural strength and vigour of women, which make them aged and weaker in youth age. EVA Health controls this white discharge and removes weakness, resulting in regaining the youthful vigour and vitality. It controls metritis also

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    HABBE SOZISH- 100% Herbal/Unani Medicine. For Women. Menstrual Problems..(50 Tablets) (PATENT & PROPRIETARY UNANI MEDICINE) Each Tablet (App. 500 mg) Contains: Haldi (Bekh) (Curcurma Longa) 125 mg, Badyan (Tukhm) Foeniculum vulgare 115 mg, Aslussoos (Bekh) (Glycyrrhiza Glabra) 125 mg, Revand Khatai (Bekh) (Rheum Emodi) 125 mg, Samagh-e-Arbi (Gond) (Acacia Nilotica) 10 mg. 50 Tablets. Indication: Benificial in Amenorrhea, Dysmen- orrhea,Delay of Menses, Swelling of Uterus, Fallopian Tubes, Intestine & Liver. Dose: 2 Tablets Three Times a Day with water or as directed by the physician.

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