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Khalifa Jewellery sets, a jewellery sets with the combination of stone studded along copy gems stone of various kind, that suit according your dressings and occasions. Made from 92.5% Silver, so use these marvelous pieces of craftmanship without any worry. This set contains tops and ring. Comes in various copy stones such as Ruby, Diamonds, Quartz, Turquoise, Pearls. You have a variety of choice to select this as per your matching outfits and occasion. Such a nice collection that enhances your beauty, give extra sheen and gorgeous look to you for your evening date, party with friends, and promotional party in your office. Nickel free, lead free, non-allergic layer to protect your skin from allergic or itching. Latest collection of Ethnic Indian jewellery for all occasions by style.The rich hues and sparkling brilliance of our copy gemstones highlight the elegance of intricate jewelry settings and designs. Khalifa Jewellers is a trusted semi-precious gemstone designer who dedicate their lives to creating beautiful jewelry that brings joy to all who wear it.

  • Stunning and sparkling imitation jewellery designsfrom Khalifa Jewellers. These ruby tops and ring sets would be a great show stopper at festive occasion
  • Bring your moment to life with a handcrafted design.
  • Our expert artisans will pour their passion into every detail of your beautiful custom piece.
  • Find your style below.
  • we offerextremely high-quality, copy gemstones to meet your exact design and specifications.
  • Best Quality and Best Price Makes Happy Customers

Khalifa Jewellery Sets in a glance

Just pick any of our master piece of craftmanship as per your occasions and requirements.

Copy Ruby Tops and Ring set

Matchless combo of American Diamond and Ruby tops and ring set, that comes in an affordable price, made from 92.5% Silver, that prevent you from allergic infection. Ruby is a zodiac sign for Leo family, if you are Leo this master piece made for you.

Copy Quartz

Another tops and ring set made from Quartz, though they are semi-precious stones but stones are very powerful they are very effective, whether they are precious or semi-precious.Quartz is considered as one of the most powerful crystals for healing and amplifying energy. It is a good crystal for balancing energy and also unblocking energy, so if you feel unblocking energy, around you, choose it to balance your energy.

Real Pearls

Real Pearls tops with ring set made from 92.5% Silver, amazing combo of Pearl and Silver. Pearls and Silver bothhave cooling and soothing energy, mostly they used to cure depression, mental disorders, improving memory, and enhancing the intelligence of the individuals as well. Pearl is good for curing blood pressure and bladder disease and is also helpful in balancing and maintaining our bodily fluids.

American Diamonds Tops and Ring set

If you are looking a nice and elegance jewellery collection, this American Diamond Tops and Ring set designed for you, upgrade your taste of jewellery collection. Perfect combo of Silver and American Diamond is extremely stunning.

  • Tops and Ring set
  • Made from 92.5% Silver
  • Can wear for long hours.
  • Semi-precious stone along American Diamond.
  • A product of Khalifa Jewellers