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Khalifa Fabrics, a well-known and trusted name in textile industry, serving from years. The manufacturer of Silk fabric, and Cotton fabric. The varieties of Silk, Silk Dupattas, Silk fabrics, embroided Cotton bedsheets, 100% unisex Cotton casual shirts. Their fabric provides durability and comfort.

Fabric is Essential for our lives

Fabrics are essential for our lives; it is our basic need. As the man moved towards civilized society he started to used fabrics in many ways, dressing themselves, started use curtains, and bedsheets to decorate their houses, and so on. The clothes which we wear in our daily lives are not the only basic use of the fabric. Other prominent uses of fabric in our daily life are the bed linen, upholstery, curtains, cushion covers, dusters, mops, covers and many more. The quality of fabric is generally depended upon the fiber with which it is made.Fabric is a material made of fibers that is used to make items such as clothing, shoes, bags, and homewares like bedsheets, cushions, and towels. It can be thick or thin, rough or smooth, heavy or lightweight; the qualities of different types of fabric depend on what it's made from.fabric serves a practical function. It protects us from cold and heat, the rain and the bright sun. Bedsheets to cover our mattresses so that we feel comfortable while sleeping, it also gives a decent look to our mattresses, and protect them from dust particles that always moves in our houses. We use blankets to cover ourselves as we sleep and woven rugs to cushion our steps as we walk.

Different types of fabrics used according the seasons and occasions, among all fabrics Silk is used in winter season, or to celebrate any occasion, while Cotton is used during summer season, it is so comfortable, it absorbs our sweat and allow air to pass. We want comfort while sleeping, the cotton bedsheets are best to provide extra comfort, easy to clean and also, they are durable. Cotton bedsheets are todays need.

Khalifa Silk Banarsi Dupatta

Silk dupattas are also known as Banarsi silk dupatta. Comes in a single shed or a combination of multiple colors that best match your Casual dressings.

  • Made from heavy 120 GMS silk yarn.
  • Available in many colors, single shed to multiple sheds.
  • Golden Zari border.
  • Easy to carry.
  • Party wear collection.
  • Hand wash.